Wednesday, April 2

Mario Kart Wii Online Info

This is important enough to call out in a post. From Eurogamer’s Mario Kart Wii Review:
Multiplayer is Mario Kart's lifeblood, and as you'd expect, the Wii version offers a very solid set of options: two- to four-player split-screen, online racing with up to two players per machine, team racing, battle modes, and the excellent Mario Kart Channel for keeping track of your friends, ghost data, online rankings and Nintendo-created competitions. The Channel goes some way to making up for the Wii's lack of voice chat or proper social features, such as a centralised friends list.
Emphasis mine. Can you add more emphasis? I want more:

online racing with up to two players per machine

Zomg. Zomg zomg zomg.

Be careful. Cait and I draft each other like an unscrupulous speed-skating team.