Tuesday, September 30

Word up in the House, &tc.: Another version of “Lukey”

Thanks to Lala.com, I found another Great Big Sea cut of “Lukey,” recorded with The Chieftains for their 1998 album Fire in the Kitchen (which is here attributed just to Chieftain Paddy Moloney).  It’s appropriately raucous.

And now, a test of the emergency Canadian music <embed> system:

Tuesday, September 16

CrossOver Chromium: Chrome (kinda) on a Mac

CrossOver Chromium runs the open-source build of Chrome with Wine to make it work (more-or-less) on an Intel Mac. It's very Windows-y, as one would expect (you'll need to use the Control key for keyboard shortcuts, for example) but it gets some amount of the job done. The visual display is a bit rough at items, with weird flashing as things get re-drawn.

But it's enough to write this post, at any rate, though it did crash once. I need to get the autosaving going in this new post editor...

Thx, Scudder!

Monday, September 1

Give, Yo.

American Red Cross

Don’t overlook the “Where the Need is Greatest” category. That gives the Red Cross the freedom to use the money to best serve their mission.