Friday, May 5

Greasemonkey Scripts I Want

Thought I’d toss out something just to make sure I didn’t forget how to type. These are Greasemonkey scripts that would be nice to make or find already made:
  • Blogger Blog Link Emblem The deal here would be to add the Blogger icon () to any link that pointed to something at * Very useful for harvesting potential Blogs of Note. Extra props if it could do the same for blogs not hosted on Blog*Spot, but the logistics of that get tough.
  • You’re Already Subscribed To This I’m on a boardgaming kick, and as such I’m assembling boardgaming blogs in Reader. I can’t remember which blogs I’ve added, though, so I have tried to add the same ones multiple times. Often I read several posts before I realize that I read them all before. If I go to a blog I already have in Reader I’d like to see a message pop up so I don’t try to add it again. (Update: Mihai whipped it up! Sweet!)
  • Social Bookmark Niagra It would be cool to have a Greasemonkey script that added all the social bookmarking icons to every page I read, cuz sometimes people forget to put them all in. Then I have choices! Will I this one? Or maybe send it to Furl? ONLY THE BEST SITES GET SENT TO GETBOO.