Saturday, June 23

iPhone Tour thoughts

I just finished watching Apple’s iPhone guided tour. Two things stood out:
  • There seems to be some inconsistency in how to zoom: When viewing photos, you pinch to zoom in and can double-tap to zoom all the way out; in the Maps application, however, a double-tap zooms in, while a two-finger touch zooms out.
  • Where is the option to set an iTunes song as a ringtone? I smell meddling corporate interests.
Nevertheless, DO WANT!

Tuesday, June 12

"These are the gears..."

I just noticed the description of the Google Gears plug-in in Firefox:

“These are the gears that power the tubes!”

Interestingly, this is one case where the “big truck” metaphor actually seems to make a bit more sense…

Monday, June 11

Safari 3 beta for Windows

I'm typing this with Safari 3 for Windows, which is showing the Blogger rich text editor. This is not supported and kinda not supposed to happen.

Image upload and autosave appear to be broken. :-P

Update: If you're following along at home, Safari 3 does not implicitly create a <head> element when you programmatically (e.g. with document.write(...)) set the contents of an IFrame. This causes an initialization error in the Blogger post editor because there's no place to stash the <style> tag for spellchecking, which throws off the autosave initialization.

Without autosave, image upload to draft posts doesn't work, since Blogger autosaves before showing the upload dialog.

Another update: Damn Safari 3 is speedy-quick. It is now a contender for browser-of-choice.

Thursday, June 7

Blogger Dashboard Widget 1.0.1 now available

From the “about fracking time” department…

If you’ve still have the Blogger Mac OS X Dashboard widget running, you may have noticed it pop up a little message this evening.

Version 1.0.1 of the widget is finally available, featuring the following improvements:
  • Copyright date updated to 2007
  • “Publish Post” and “Save as Draft” buttons flipped to match the Blogger web interface
  • Logging in and posting works
Apologies to everyone who was left waiting for me to update the widget to work with the new Blogger’s Google Accounts and Atom 1.0. Now that the dropped ball has been picked up, happy Dashboard-blogging!

Saturday, June 2

Challenge me at Rock Paper Scissors

Through the many magicks of the Internet and Facebook’s new application platform, I am available for Rock Paper Scissors challenges.