Friday, October 21

Lorem Ipsum

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Lorem ipsum text resolves this by being real-looking, but completely nonsensical Latin.

The online Lorem Ipsum generator is a great resource, both for making the text and learning the history of lorem ipsum.

New on the block is Cicero, a Dashboard widget that copies lorem ipsum text to the clipboard in one click.

Tuesday, October 18

Mini-Reaction to the iTunes Video Store

Cait and I watched the two-part pilot to Lost last night, as purchased on the iTunes Music/Video Store. I was initially quite skeptical because of the resolution: 320x240 is pretty low, especially to watch on a laptop.

Actually, when played at full screen, the shows looked pretty good. While Apple is using a pretty low resolution, their encoding (presumably H.264) is top-notch, with no noticeable artifacts other than slight blockiness because of upsampling (which was quite reasonable).

While I’ll probably pick up the DVDs to the first season of Lost to watch the rest, there’s a good chance I’ll go back to iTunes if I want to catch up on this season.

Monday, October 10

Hamster Dance Song

I learned this weekend that the song from the original Hamster Dance was taken from Disney’s Robin Hood. Anyone else remember the brilliant Hamster Dance Superbowl ad? I think it was for E*Trade, but I can’t find any reference on the web.

Tuesday, October 4