Thursday, September 20

(Not) Finding Citizens Bank with iOS 6

I need to go to the bank! Let’s find it.

Here’s our reference, based on the Citizens Bank branch locator:

Featuring adorable “click to move map” technology.

Ok, I can go to my usual branch at 3rd and Cambridge St, and it looks like there’s one down near the plaza with The Friendly Toast and CBC.

Let’s ask my iPhone (on iOS 5) what it thinks…

This is pretty accurate.

Open question about the Binney St. location: is it in the plaza as Google says, or across the street the way the branch locator tells it? (I’ll find out when I go to lunch.)

UPDATE: The branch is indeed where the Citizens Bank map places it, which is a bit down the street from Google’s location. Still, beats not finding it at all.

Great. Now, if I check iOS 6 maps, let’s see…

Accuracy is for aluminum cases, not for places you want to go with your feet.

The branch at 3rd and Cambridge is there, though a little off (it’s right on the corner across from Sweet Touch; Google Maps gets it right). Then we have phantom branches at the T station, Kendall Square and halfway to Central.