Saturday, April 22

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Just finished consuming Ed Wood, an entertaining picture about the infamous director, when I found that his magnum opus, Plan 9 From Outer Space, is available on Google Video for free. It’s an epic story, sincerely executed. And — if you overlook the parts that are batshit insane — it’s a telling cautionary tale about the dangers of raising the dead to combat weapons of mass destruction.

Friday, April 21

Beautiful Comments Form

More fun than blogging is redesigning my blog. So I’m working on that. I’ve decided this template is not representative. Early comments are positive…

I’m mentioning this because, once again, Mr. Powazek is super-inspirational. Take a look at the comments form from his photo site, Ephemera. The little thumbnail of the photo at the top is brilliant.

I love to gaze at good designs like this (and these) and wish I had teh hotx skills.