Friday, January 26

Gingerbread Carcassonne

Originally uploaded by zendonut.
In the grand tradition of Cupcake Catan, here is a Carcassonne game made from gingerbread.

Thursday, January 18

Grogmobile Now on Grogmaster

My mobile blog is now off of Blog*Spot and available at, thanks to new Blogger’s latest feature, custom domains (and the resolution of a certain known issue).

Not much there, but some of it is good for a laugh.

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Friday, January 5

Bookworm Adventures on Intel Mac with Parallels

Cait and I had an enjoyable evening with Bookworm Adventures. Penny Arcade’s endorsement and related comic sum up our reactions pretty well (from Tycho’s point of view, of course). Top words so far have been “malevolent,” “whitehead,” and “battening.” The Mastermind-like minigame is great fun on its own; I hope I can find it or some variant separately, because you can only play it once per life in story mode.

PopCap doesn’t have a Mac version, but Bookworm Adventures runs just fine under Parallels (sans hardware acceleration), especially with the Coherence mode from the latest beta.