Friday, December 30

My One-Man Accidental Google Bomb

Not sure if you’ve seen it, but if you click “More contact info” on this blog’s index page, you’ll get a list of ways to reach me, one of which is my mobile phone number. For added contacting convenience, I made the number link to Cingular’s SMS form, with a little query parameter (“min”) so that the number is filled in in the “To” field. Makes it very easy to SMS me from the Internet, if you’re so inclined.

I’ve been getting a lot of odd SMSs recently, though:
hello naeem wah go on man what you up to man
i kinda want those bbq gluten things from that vegan place in the les, or maybe wings from red bamboo... or possibly mexican.
baby ruth??
Romeo can you get out at 1:00 p.m. today? We need to go to Emily’s appt. I’ve been calling you! Hit me back, LUV YOU!!!
How can I see my account online as well as to make payments online.
hmmm... i thought so much more highly of you than this. just how long has this been going on anyway?


Anyhoo, Google — as always — has the answers. Take a look at the top search result for Cingular SMS. You may recognize that URL as the same one from my blog, including the bit that puts my number as the default. Seems folks are getting there and forgetting to replace my number with who they really want. (As expected, typing “Cingular SMS” in the address bar in Firefox gives you the same page.)

So now I have to make the moral (and economic) decision about whether to leave things as-is, enjoying the random SMSs and hoping they don’t blast my plan, stick a rel=“nofollow” on the link to keep the crawlers from finding it, and/or be a good netizen (and employee) and drop a note to the search quality folks when I get back from vacation.

Bonus fun thing: Looks like my number is #10 on a straight-up search for “Cingular.” That ain’t right.

Bonus disclaimer: This is at the bottom of pages, but it’s probably good for me to note that, while I work for Google, I don’t speak for them, and God knows they wouldn’t let me anywhere near the search results. I work on Blogger. Did you know that Blogger loves all the children of the world?