Friday, September 14

Blogger Play is live!

I spent a fair bit of the last few weeks working on the UI for Blogger’s latest gizmo-distraction: Blogger Play!
Play is a rocked-up version of the old Blogger photoscroller, which has been kicking around in various public and not-quite-as-public places ever since there were Blogger photos. I wrote a bit more about that over at the Blogger Buzz.

This is an interesting example of doing something in HTML and JavaScript that could probably be much better done in Flash, but hey: it works on the iPhone. I actually felt a bit Apple-y getting the polish done on the UI. The fade timing and speed slider settings took hours to get right. I hope you like them.

Joseph did the visual design, so give him all the credit for that. I worked from his mocks. And of course Pong, who wrote the original scroller and several since, and did all the backend coding and plugging together for this version. Katie made this launchable by cleaning out very nearly almost all of the images that aren’t good to show to people.

Enjoy! Remember to stop watching and do productive things.