Saturday, February 2

The Best of Fairport Convention, 1969–1976

Several summers ago I spent a few months solid playing Alpha Centauri and listening to a mix tape my brother made from his Fairport Convention CDs. Though the cassette is lost (and who has a player anymore, anyway?), I’ve been carrying around the track list from apartment to apartment since, hoping to re-create it in iTunes.

Here is the track list, recorded for posterity and so I can finally pitch the tape liner note card before I lose it.

Side A
  1. Come All Ye
  2. The Journeyman’s Grace
  3. Genesis Hall
  4. The Hexhamshire Lass
  5. Matty Groves
  6. The Plainsman
  7. Percy’s Song
  8. Dirty Linen
  9. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
  10. Million Dollar Bash
Side B
  1. Rising for the Moon
  2. Fotheringay
  3. Walk Awhile
  4. Crazy Man Michael
  5. Meet on the Ledge
  6. Sir Patrick Spens
  7. Stranger to Himself
  8. Flatback Caper
  9. One More Chance
  10. Flowers of the Forest
  11. Farewell, Farewell