Wednesday, March 31

New iPhone to Blog Workflow Using Picasa Web Albums

Picking a photo out of the “Drop Box” album
While writing my last post about tactical card games I wanted to include my own photos of the cards to illustrate things. My iPhone was the handiest camera, but finding a cable and plugging it in and waiting for the sync and using Image Capture and then uploading via the web would be a bit annoying. But, since Blogger in Draft now has Picasa Web Albums integration, I was able to use a simpler flow:
  1. Take photo with iPhone
  2. E-mail it to my Picasa Web Albums address (learn more)
  3. Open the image picker on Blogger in Draft
  4. Pick the photo out of the “Drop Box” album
Surprisingly quick, easy (after setting up the address, which I suppose was also easy), and 100% wireless.