Wednesday, August 4

The Rise and Fall of My Chumby

I got a Chumby over a year or so ago. Internet-connected doohickey! Cute personality! Fun for everyone! I was excited.
  1. Chumby unwrapped, set up, and put on my nightstand/lamp. Numerous Chumby widgets installed.
  2. I find myself mostly just waiting for either Chuck Norris Facts or the current time, each of which comes around every five minutes.
  3. Chumby upgrade includes Pandora as an alarm! Excitement builds again.
  4. Pare down widgets to clock, weather, and news photos.
  5. Captions on news photos are so truncated that they just become pictures of random strangers I feel like I should recognize.
  6. Waking to Pandora becomes problematic, since if I don’t like the song I’ll turn it off and go back to sleep.
  7. Decide to switch alarm over to NPR! I like NPR. Choose local NPR station.
  8. Internet-connected doohickey reduced to functionality of a clock radio that I could poke for the weather / random strangers.
  9. iPad becomes source of weather information.
  10. Changing the time on the alarm is such a painful, multi-screen process that I leave it off and just use my iPhone.
  11. Internet-connected doohickey reduced to functionality of a clock.
  12. Chumby is crowding out nightstand / lamp room that I’d rather use for a tea mug. Chumby moved up one shelf level.
  13. Chumby’s limited viewing angle renders its “Night Mode” unreadable from eight inches below, such as where my head is when I’m in bed.
  14. Internet-connected doohickey reduced to functionality of a smooth piece of slate with a little rubber cloud hanging off of it.