Tuesday, November 29

Last.fm at Work

I’m experimenting with streaming Last.fm to my lappy at work. Using the Last.fm Player I can listen to radio stations based on artists (plays that artist and similar artists) or on tags that users have given to music. Right now I’m enjoying listening to music tagged “canadian.” Unfortunately, my profile cluster is down, so I can’t make my own tags.

The artist radio stations can be good for discovering, but for really unique bands the other songs that get played can’t quite be called “similar.” Take The New Pornographers and Great Big Sea. I like many of the bands that come up, but it seems to be missing the alterna-pop catchy jangle of the former and the rocked-up traditional songs of the latter.

I’m considering going the paid route so that I can listen to music based on my own and other people’s profiles and tags. Seems to me a great way to find stuff is to take a cool friend and listen to his profile radio.

Update: Sorry, kids. R.E.M. is from Georgia. Don’t tag them as “canadian.” Lousy folksonomy.