Tuesday, November 8

Less Than Two Weeks Until MarioKart DS

Can’t wait to play MarioKart DS online. (I’m coming for you, Cutlass.) I was afraid that, since I couldn’t use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector on Mac OS X (it’s Windows-only), I’d have to hoof it to McDonald’s, but that won’t be necessary: the DS works with tons of wireless routers, including my Airports.

More info at http://www.nintendowifi.com/.

Also, a hands-on report from GameSpot that’s pretty positive. Right now you don’t get penalized for ditching the game, though, which may encourage some poor sportsmanship. Hopefully Nintendo is committed to iterating their online service to work out that sort of kink.

One more thing: you can badge your racer with a little icon. Blogger “B,” anyone?

Interview with the producer, Hideki Konno, at Game|Life. Interesting to note that online play isn’t as big a draw in Japan as in the states. Also, that you can’t drag an item behind you in online play was a technical decision, not a gameplay one. [via Joystiq]