Monday, January 23

Odd Blogging Block

I’ve just caught myself keeping a page over at Backpack with a list of things I’d like to blog about, and a few notes about each one. This begs the question: “why not just blog those things directly?”

The interface over there is not significantly harder or easier to use than Blogger’s, especially now that BlogThis! has been so improved. But there, did you see that? I can’t help making definitive links when I blog. It’s really slowing me down, and the extra effort required to make links like that, or include eye-catching little pictures like the one above, seems to be the difference between blogging and making notes about blogging.

Oh, and I’m working on a new design for this blog (one that might actually include color), so there’s both the time allocation, but also I think a feeling that I don’t want to post to an “obsolete” template. On top of that, the current design looks a little off for short posts. So I feel like I need to write longer ones.

But that’s me. What keeps you from blogging?